Western Districts Billiards & Snooker 2015 competition

URGENT - please note:

The schedules for all divisions do not allow for play in the week immediately prior to Easter.

This includes Wed 1st and Thu 2nd April.

This is shown in the downloadable schedules from the links below, however some captains and players
have not realised that they need ALL the documents in that section that apply to their division.

Pls refer to the draw with results shown below on the main page,
or in the downloadable PDF file in the "Draw with scores view/download" link below.


Email from the Match Secretary to all names on the contact list - 31st March 2015

Items in this email..

Player Registrations
Foul and a Miss rule
1st division playing to a score (not a time limit)
Code of Ethics
change of email addresses

2015 season competition - documents that team captains will need

Player Lists per division with handicaps - updated 25th Mar 2015
 Division 1  Division 2  Division 3

Results sheets per division - these are all different

 Division 1  Division 2  Division 3

Submitted result sheets, Draw with scores and Match Schedules

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 View all result sheets

Draw with scores view/download

  Division 1&2 schedule   Div 3 schedule

2014 constitution (download here) - every captain should have a copy in their team folder

Explanation of ByLaw 5 amendment to the constitution

( permits a team to play 6 games with only 5 players )

Note: Div 1 will play billiards to a total, not a time limit, this year.

Players will play to 250 (player with the higher handicap will only play to 250,

the other player will play to 250 plus the handicap difference).

Example: Player A has a billiards handicap of +20, Player B has a handicap of -20.
The handicap difference is +40. Player A will attempt to play to 250, Player B will attempt to play to 290.
The first to reach their target wins the points, and there cannot be a draw.
The purpose of this change is to promote scoring, not safety, in the spirit of the game.
In the past, players have been tempted to use the clock as a means of protecting their handicap start.

We will have a team captain meeting on Sunday 12th April at Rooty Hill RSL (7:00pm)

at the end of week 5 to review handicaps to make sure we don't have too many discrepancies.

Bear in mind the 3rd div has byes so each team will have played only 4 matches and 1st div are not playing billiards to a clock.

All clubs are expected to send representatives!

WD draw for 2015 - 1st 5 weeks only

Scheduled meetings for 2015

Meeting Type Date Time Location Purpose of meeting status
Handicapping Mtg Mon 12th April, 2014 7:00pm Darts area Review handicaps at end of round 5 upcoming

Format for this year's Competition:

Div 1 (A Grade) 3 x 2 frames of Snooker   plus   3 x Billiards to 250 Thursday 7:30pm
Div 2 (B Grade) 3 x 2 frames of Snooker   plus   3 x 1hr Billiards Thursday 7:30pm
Div 3 (C Grade) 4 x 2 frames of Snooker   plus   2 x 1hr Billiards Wednesday 7:30pm

NSW calendar

Div 1 (A Grade) is intended for proficient and skilled players, at an advanced level, relishing the challenge
Div 2 (B Grade) is intended for players who are good at club level and with a good knowledge of the game
Div 3 (C Grade) is intended for players who are mainly at social level

Handicaps may apply to the strongest and weakest in each grade.

Teams will generally play Home & Away matches (depending on the draw) at venues from
Penrith to Hornsby to inner west (depending on teams in each grade)

Each team will field 6 players per match, maximum of 9 players per team

Fees for the competition: (MUST be paid within 1 month of start of comp)
Per team fee is $195, made up of $150 team fee plus $45 for players
Fees per match (weekly) is $18 irrespective of forfeits, cancellations, etc,
Contact Andrew Stoermer (Treasurer) for invoice details, etc.
Match results and stats will be available on this website weekly.

Committee for the Western Districts Billiards and Snooker Association for 2015

President Alan Couttie alancouttie @ yahoo.com.au 0433 553 899
Vice-President Stephen Brennan attackpest @ optusnet.com.au 9610 4291
Secretary John Carbines wdsnooker @ outlook.com.au 0411 051 243
Treasurer Andrew Stoermer dpsol @ optusnet.com.au 0409 127 638
Match Secretary John Carbines wdsnooker @ outlook.com.au 0411 051 243
Web Administrator John Carbines jc @ carbines.net 0411 051 243
General Committee

Captains should email results to wdsnooker @ outlook.com.au

Minutes of 2014 AGM

Treasurer's Report for 2014

Secretary's Report for 2014

Match Secretary's Report for 2014

Proposed amendment to ByLaw 5

Please ensure that all team details are available at this meeting.

(Download Team/Player nomination form here)

Rules and Ethics of the game

All players and captains are reminded of Rule 19 of our constitution:

At all times, the governing rules of the competition conducted by the

Association will be the World Council rules of snooker and billiards.

Foul and a Miss
It was decided at the 1st June handicapping meeting that the
interpretation of the Foul & Miss rule for the 2014 season will be as follows,
noting that automatic Foul and a Miss only applies in an unsnookered situation:
1st Division - as per the rules
2nd Division - as per the rules except that a very generous allowance for "genuine attempt" will apply
3rd Division - as all attempts will be deemed to be genuine, no F&M calls will be made  

In the past, some teams have considered that F&M will automatically apply on the first miss.

This is not in the rules of the game and must NOT be ruled.

There are a number of exceptions for calling F&M, and players need to
be aware that the call cannot be made if snookers (penalties) were
required by either player before the foul stroke or as a result of it.

You can view or download (in printable format) the latest (2014) copy of the

Rules of the Games of Snooker and English Billiards

The full list of the updated rules can also be viewed on the IBSF website

However, the significant amendments can also be accessed via the ABSC website on www.absc.com.au (news)

which also provides a brief but worthwhile explanation of what each rule change means in clear terms.

Code of Ethics

The ABSC website contains important information on how we

apply the rules and generally behave as players, teams and referees.

All players should read this policy (which also applies to our competition) on