Western Districts Billiards & Snooker 2016 competition

Welcome to all teams and players to the 2016 season for Western Districts Billiards and Snooker.

NOTE: a 1pt penalty will be applied against any team (from 5th May onward as follows) for ..

(a) Incorrectly entering players on the result sheet (out of handicap order)

(b) Failing to send in your result sheets (BOTH captains) as required.

Captains are reminded that players must be entered on the result sheet in handicap order (lowest first).

Submitting results & result sheets: both teams/captains must submit results. SMS or email match score to the Match Secretary by Saturday and the result sheets (preferably scanned and emailed) by Tuesday (or 5 days) after the match. See below for instructions on how to label your images.

Leader Boards: Division 1   Division 2/3
View player handicaps and stats here, including result sheets  
The draw has been updated as of 5th May .. (pls advise us if you discover any further errors or conflicts)

Draw for 1st Division with results (updated 5th May) 

Draw for 2nd Division with results (updated 5th May)

Note that 2nd Division is a combined 2nd and 3rd grade and some games are to be played on Wednesday nights to avoid venue conflicts.

Handicaps for 1st Div     (handicaps were revised 27/4/2106)

Handicaps for 2nd Div    (some handicaps have been revised 18/4/2106 & corrected on 20/4/2016)

Documents you will need to download for the start of the competition:

2016 Constitution

Result Sheets (same for both divisions)

How to label your scanned result sheet image to make my life much easier ..


Foul & Miss as interpreted for the WD comp.

At the last meeting, where we discussed F&M, I made it pretty clear in 2nd div that a Foul and a Miss should only be called if the object ball was in the clear or that the snooker was an easy one to get out of.

In any event, the ability of the player must be taken into account and whether the foul was intentional.

If a captain feels that a marker or referee is incorrectly applying this interpretation then it is their right to step in and call a halt to proceedings until it is sorted out. They can request a replacement marker or referee.

It must be remembered that, particularly in 2nd and 3rd div, this is still a social comp even though we all want to improve ourselves.


John Carbines, Match Secretary WD B&S Assn

Changed conditions of play.

1st Div

In billiards, matches have reverted  to play of 1 hour duration (last year they were to a fixed score of 250 plus). This may produce some inconsistent results as it was decided to start this season with the same handicaps as at the end of last year. The next handicap mtg (after 5 weeks of play) will determine whether changes are required.

2nd Div

This is a combined group of 2nd div and 3rd div teams. The handicappers have endeavoured to give the 3rd div players a fair chance at success. Any serious inconsistencies will be addressed at the next handicap mtg.

The 3rd div teams and players are playing as 2nd div, and so will play 3 snooker and 3 billiards matches. Foul and Miss will apply but allowance for ability and fair attempt must be made.

Note: Seven Hills RSL will be hosting the following teams: Granville (div1); Guildford (div2); Seven Hills (div2)

In 2nd division, some matches will be scheduled for Wednesday play. These matches will be highlighted in yellow in the draw. This is to manage the number of venues where there are more than 2 teams vying for home games.

Handicap Committees for 2016

(as decided at the General Meeting held on March 3rd, 2016 at Wenty Lgs):

1st Division Andrew Stoermer
Peter Higham
Vic Sacco
2nd Division Harvey Wykes
Stephen Brennan
Peter Higham
Ron Ziemecki
Next Handicap Committee(s) meeting:
Div 2/3: Monday 18th April at Wenty Lgs
Div 1: Tuesday 26th April at Rooty Hill RSL

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at Rooty Hill RSL on Thursday, 27th January, 2016.

Positions determined at the AGM:

President - Harvey Wykes
Vice President - Peter Higham
Treasurer - Andrew Stoermer
Secretary - John Carbines
Match Secretary - John Carbines (temporary position)

A General Meeting of the Western Districts Billiards & Snooker Association committee and captains was called as follows:

Date: Thursday 3rd March 2016, at 7pm
Venue: Wenty Lgs Club - Magpie Meeting Room 1 (in the sports area)

It is expect that we will have all teams and players nominated at that time

so that a draw can be presented and handicaps can be determined.

The Handicap Committee is appointed as follows:

Div 1 - Peter Higham, Andrew Stoermer, Harvey Wykes

Div 2/3 - Harvey Wykes, Stephen Brennan, Ron Zemiecki, Steven Newman (captains)

The meeting will address issues relating to the format, timing  and running of the competition for 2016.

Player submission form for 2016

pls complete and email a scanned (or photographed) copy to the Secretary - webadmin @ wdsnooker.org.au

Captains are reminded that the amendment to ByLaw 5 (permitting one player to play twice in one match) is NOT permitted in the last quarter of the comp and into the finals series. If you cannot field a full team, then you will have to concede forfeits!

Committee for the Western Districts Billiards and Snooker Association for 2016

President Harvey Wykes harveywykes @ bigpond.com
Vice-President Peter Higham pr.higham @ hotmail.com
Secretary John Carbines webadmin @ wdsnooker.org.au 0411 051 243
Treasurer Andrew Stoermer dpsol @ optusnet.com.au 0409 127 638
Match Secretary John Carbines webadmin @ wdsnooker.org.au 0411 051 243
Web Administrator John Carbines jc @ carbines.net 0411 051 243
General Committee

General email to webadmin @ wdsnooker.org.au

Result Sheets to: results @ wdsnooker.org.au