Western Districts InterClub competitions for  2019

Welcome to all teams and players to the 2019 season for WD InterClub Billiards and Snooker.

Leader Boards (live results):   Division 1   Division 2/3
View player handicaps and stats here, including result sheets  
Both captains must accept responsibility for ensuring that all handicaps are correct and the sheet is filled in correctly and is readable, presentable and submitted on time. Penalties are there to ensure that the comp is run fairly for everyone.

Submitting results & result sheets: both teams/captains must submit results. SMS or email match score to the Match Secretary on 0415 051 243 (don't ring me to tell me) by Saturday and the result sheets (preferably scanned and emailed) by Saturday 6pm soon after the match. If one sheet is hard to read then I can verify the details against the other sheet. In some cases, your handwriting can be hard to read and you may have crossed names out, etc. If you make a real botch-up of it then write up a new sheet please!! In the past, we have refused to accept a result sheet that was indecipherable!

Sending an image of your result sheet taken on your mobile phone is usually acceptable except where the image is blurred, dark, or parts of the results are cut off. Unfortunately, this occurs in many instances and makes for a lot more work for me and you as I may require you to resend it. In any event I usually have to rotate it, edit it to remove the background (crop it) and resize it to something like 800 to 1200 pixels wide.

Receiving these images generally means they are named such that there is no relation to the event (eg: image-5656.jpg) and must be renamed by me before they are useful. I also have to save the image on the phone and then connect my phone to my pc in order to transfer it so I can read, update the database and later upload it to the website for everyone to see.

By far the best way is to send it to me as a scanned graphic image in JPG format. Usually I have to do very little with this except perhaps rename it. Bingo!

Some captains scan it and send it as a PDF (portable document format) file, and this is fine so long as you send it in landscape layout otherwise anybody trying to read it online will need to rotate it. Please don't send it in a Word document which I can read, but it will be unreadable online and I will have to capture it or convert it somehow. That won't happen and you'll have to resubmit.

So, all this is about being a little kind to your match secretary who would be quite appreciative of your assistance ( ;=>,)>

The draw has been updated as of 5th May .. (pls advise us if you discover any further errors or conflicts)

Draw for 1st Division with results (updated 5th May) 

Draw for 2nd Division with results (updated 14th May)

Note that 2nd Division is a combined 2nd and 3rd grade and some games are to be played on Wednesday nights to avoid venue conflicts.

Handicaps for 1st Div     (handicaps were revised 27/4/2106)

Handicaps for 2nd Div    (some handicaps have been revised 18/4/2106 & corrected on 20/4/2016)

Documents you will need to download for the start of the competition:

2016 Constitution

Result Sheets (same for both divisions)

General email to webadmin @ wdsnooker.org.au

Result Sheets to: results @ wdsnooker.org.au